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Why is the ghost of a lady in white haunting the Kentucky graveyard? For decades, her unsettled spirit has roamed across the abandoned Land Between the Lakes. Ever since a horrific tragedy took her life and tore her family apart, she has been searching for the one person who can help her. Help arrives when twelve-year old Lillia Pameroy shows up at her grandaunt’s houseboat in the dark of night.

Bizarre happenings and imaginings start within hours as ghostly figures reach out. Lillia, along with her new friend Zoe, and spirit guide Emily, are soon swept up in a quest to help reunite the family of the lady in white.In the life-threatening climax Lillia discovers the truth, but will it be in time to help her?


Why is the ghost of a powerful Pirate Queen watching a site in the swampy lowlands of Bon Secour, Alabama? Through her paranormal imagining abilities Lillia learns the truth about the buried treasure the pirate watches over. The Queen’s own words show just how dangerous she is…

My place has been marked, On maps by many dreamers.

Hoping to find pirate treasure, Poor stupid schemers.

I will never leave the lonely ground, Ever guarding what lies buried there.

For those who would disturb the mound, You have been warned beware!

When Lillia finds out that her brother is one of those dreamers and has set out on a quest to find the treasure, she knows he is in big trouble! His life is in danger! Will Lillia be in time in to save him? How can she possibly stop the ghostly Queen?


Lillia Pameroy can’t wait to see her friend Tod performing in the Wild West Shootout Show in Deadwood. But he doesn’t appear…except on a Missing Perons poster! Chasing his dream of finding gold in the Black Hills, Tod didn’t come home last night. His is lost somewhere in the dark mysterious (mysterious dark?) hills. Search parties are quickly formed to find him. His family is frantic.

Lillia knows these South Dakota hills are haunted. She has already seen the ghosts of miners and cave explorers. She has watched spirits of wild mustangs run in the valley below. Fun imaginings for a paranormal. But now, in a bitter snow storm, outside an abandoned gold miner’s cabin…the fun is over.

High on Whistler Ridge, between the blowing snowflakes, ghostly footprints form in front of her. Why? Who, or what, is making them? Should she follow them…let them lead her away from the other searcher…get her alone? And the most important question, will this imagining help find Tod?


Are old family secrets best left alone? Kept tucked away behind locked doors? Lillia doesn’t know that beyond the rusted gate is the estate of a wealthy lumber baron. She doesn’t know about the ladies who danced in beautiful ball gowns in the elegant mansion on the banks of the Wisconsin River. But she will learn of them.

All she sees now is a dark and mysterious mansion and the forgetful and lonely old man who lives there. But she will meet the others.

Because of a plea for help from the ghost Amelia, and the romantic longings of a new friend Molly, Lillia is pulled into a fabric of imaginings, woven through the decades of two families. Secrets from the past are discovered and revealed. Long ago memories return.

But will unlocking the doors, finding the hidden spaces, and retrieving the memories help find the one person Lillia and Molly are looking for? Or only bring more sadness and heartache?

Next location is the Biltmore Estate

Asheville, north carolina

available early 2018

Adirondack mountains

new york 

available early 2019